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I need a date to the punk rock prom at 924 Gilman on the 26th! Bobby Joe Ebola & Mystic Knights of the Cobra are playing and it’s a dress up event. Fun stuff.

This will be mine on Saturday… Totally getting there at 6am.

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@iwilldestroytom: ink. brush. paper.

Yo can I make album covers for my favorite bands please?



When I say “I think people with tattoos are hot”, I really mean “I think people with well thought out, professionally done tattoos are hot”. Get ya squiggly lines away from me!

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I drew up a little #panther this morning.

I love this ❤️ even though I usually hate couple tattoos

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🐾✊ thanks Emma! Kitty healed. Hannahclarktattoo@gmail.com

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Elevator selfie party and you’re not invited!

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