Coffee and tunes for today (at SubRosa Coffee)


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I am definitely a feminist. I’m f**king disgusted by the way women are still treated. It’s 1993 and some people still think we’re in the 1950’s. We need to make more progress. There needs to be more female musicians, more female artists, more female writers. Everything is dominated by f**king males, and I’m sick of it!

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I need a date to the punk rock prom at 924 Gilman on the 26th! Bobby Joe Ebola & Mystic Knights of the Cobra are playing and it’s a dress up event. Fun stuff.

This will be mine on Saturday… Totally getting there at 6am.

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@iwilldestroytom: ink. brush. paper.

Yo can I make album covers for my favorite bands please?


When I say “I think people with tattoos are hot”, I really mean “I think people with well thought out, professionally done tattoos are hot”. Get ya squiggly lines away from me!

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I drew up a little #panther this morning.